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For 140 years, St. Joseph’s has been following the doctrines brought along by the Christian Brothers, to provide quality and holistic education for free to young men regardless of their social background, paying particular attention to those who are poor, needy and disadvantaged. Since our founding years, the landscape of Hong Kong and its education needs have certainly seen profound changes, with those that are more privileged with resources usually getting a bigger share of attention and support, as seen in the form of DSS and Private Schools. 


For reference, a typical DSS school takes just as much grants from the government as us and yet still charge an average of an equal amount of that in school fees per student on top. A Private School can even charge school fees of up to 3 times that amount per student. This clearly brought along new challenges to St. Joseph’s, from the retention of quality teachers to equipping our boys to face academic and career challenges.


Staying true to our roots and vision, we strive to level the playing field without passing on the extra costs to the families of those we educate. It is indeed in this context that we are appealing to Josephians, young and old, to step up and pledge their support to the school so that the Christian Brothers’ can stay true to their ideals, in the very same way that every single one of us was once brought up by them. 

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