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Welcome to the SJC Foundation website.


As an old boy of SJC (Class of 76), I am greatly honoured to have the opportunity to serve my alma mater as the 29th Principal. Not only could I continue to nurture our promising young boys, but I could also lead a passionate, devoted and talented staff to uphold the tradition of excellence.


Founded in 1875, SJC is the first Lasallian school in Hong Kong. Its advocacy of all-round, whole-person education and commitment to strong Catholic moral values have made it one of the distinguished schools in the territory. Many of our students have made remarkable achievements over the years. Sir Professor Charles Kao, the Nobel Laureate in Physics 2009, is a prominent example. In recent years, a considerable number of our bright graduates have chosen to pursue their studies in Mathematics or Pure Science at university. I wish, sooner or later, Josephians will attain the Fields Medal in Mathematics or another Nobel Prize.


Loyal to their alma mater, our alumni endlessly provide financial, moral and spiritual support for SJC. Their great contribution to our society, country and the world inspires our students to excel in all aspects of their school life.


To mark the highlight of the 140th anniversary celebration, the SJC 140th Anniversary Endowment Fund was established in 2015. Since its inception, the response has been very positive thanks to our alumni’s generosity and support. We are now hoping to take the fundraising campaign to the next level.


In order to further sustain and improve the college's position as a top tier secondary school in Hong Kong, I would like to enhance the education quality by employing a few more accomplished teachers so as to implement small-class teaching in S4-6 for the subjects of English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Liberal Studies, and employing a native English-speaking teacher. Besides, I would also like to improve school environment by renovating the No.26 Kennedy Road premises, and replacing the air-conditioner in Old Hall.


Offering our students a happy and fulfilling school life is always our priority. With dedicated professionalism from our colleagues, who spare no effort in helping students flourish and thrive academically, athletically, artistically, spiritually and socially, I strongly believe that SJC would continue to bear fruits well into the future, especially with the successful acquisition of the 26 Kennedy Road Premises, which will supply much needed additional space for SJC and further enhance our school curriculum.


I hereby initiate a challenge. It will be starting from 12 September 2016 until 11 September 2017 with the goal of raising HKD 20,000,000. Let me kick-start the campaign by donating HKD 25,000 to the Endowment Fund. Any donations made for the period is greatly appreciated. And a league table will be published here on the website periodically from now on in League Table.

Special recognition events will be hosted to award the winning classes at the end of the period.


You are cordially invited to take on this challenge. Making a tax-deductable donation to the Endowment Fund is as simple as sending a Crossed Cheque to St. Joseph's College, 7 Kennedy Road, attention to Ms. Gladys Liu and payable to "Saint Joseph's College Foundation Limited". Do remember to quote your full name, class and postal address.


Your alma mater needs you!


Your participation is of utmost importance in this campaign!


Josephians, are you ready?



Best wishes,


Perrick Ching


Message from the Principal - Mr. Perrick Ching 

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