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SJC Old boys can make donations in the name of a group, e.g. Class of 19XX, or Boys Scouts, Red Cross or other Clubs and associations.


You can choose to designated your donation to the Endowment Fund or to a specific school facility improvement program or for music, sports, visual arts and others.You can designate how the money is to be spent on a one-time donation basis.


One may even qualify to join the Donor's Hall of Honour for contribution fulfilling certain requirement. This is to encourage and recognize donors for supporting the schools and the endowment fund.


Naming Rights


As a way of recognizing donors who have and will contribute generously to the SJC 140th Anniversary Endowment Fund, the school has very kindly agreed to "name" parts of the facilities after prominent donors. Email us ( or download the SJC 140th Anniversary Endowment Fund Booklet to find out more.

Your support, donation and contribution to the school will make a BIG difference to both the school and young Josephians! 


You can make tax-deductible (SJC Foundation Charitable Institute document or HK Gov Info) donations to the St. Joseph's College through the following methods:


1. Send a Crossed Cheque to St. Joseph's College, 7 Kennedy Road, Payable to "Saint Joseph's College Foundation Limited" OR by bank transfer to the Foundation Bank Account (BEA A/C No.: 015-514-68-05276-1, FPS ID 165599648). Please Earmark your donation e.g. "Bro. Thomas Memorial Fund" if for that particular purpose.

2. Make monthly donations to the Saint Joseph's College Foundation Limited by filling out the Standing Instruction authorization form from your bank.

Please download the SJC 140th Anniversary Endowment Fund Booklet with Donation Form for OFFLINE OR PROJECT-SPECIFIC Donation.

Download Booklet
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