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Green and White Swimathon 2021

The first ever team relay Swimathon in Hong Kong Secondary school event, organized by SJC Old boys. This fund-raising event wil have 60 SJC old boys swimming around the HK Island (45 km) in 10 relay teams in November 2021 to raise funds for SJC's sustainable development and to provide opportunities for the underprivileged to learn swimming and other water sports.

The purpose of this Swimathon 2021 is to raise funding for SJC Vision 22 and to fund other school needs and operations. For instance, extra teaching staff and providing financial support to help the needy students.

For those interested to find out more and following the progress of this Green and White Swimathon please kindly visit our Facebook Page:

Meanwhile, we sincerely pledge for your DONATION towards this event, to make a difference for SJC and Joesphians.

Act Now! Simply fill out the form here.

Thank you for your support.

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